I mentioned something about the eyes?

So, after some long thought I came to the conclusion, the eyes were too bleek in color.

I needed something sweet!


After some fiddling around, and talking with a great friend Luzipurr. 😉

This was my final fix to THAT

Screenshot (24).png


The details! (Well, sorta..)

This is by far, the biggest, most detailed creation I have yet to make!

Giving myself a challenge, working for hours adding hair, blood, and.. Cheese dust?

Here are more pictures of my Riley.

The eyes seen here are just a place holder, and have been updated.

So, the REAL project has began.

Most recently I have began working on my old script, but making a few MAJOR changes.

Either way, I feel MUCH more comfortable doing this.

THIS was made to record my progress, letting YOU/MYSELF witness my progress and hopefully pushing myself to continue to finish this.

MUCH love to all the support and help with ideas.


A year later…

After messing around with the animation program I was using (Flash 8), and learning it more – I began to work on a cartoon of a script I wrote at the end of middle school.

I didn’t make it far, and abruptly ended it after some major things started to happen in my life.

Anyways, this is now an unfinished blueprint for my future creation.


So, flashback 5 or so years. I had a project in science class to do about an animal in their habitat.

It was meant to be done it on paper, with a week deadline.

But instead, I made this.